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8th conference on the History of the Arts & Crafts Movement

5th conference on the History of the Settlement Movement

1 – 4 July 2008 / Leidse Volkshuis, Leiden, The Netherlands

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Design Discourse welcomes any unpublished papers on design history and design philosophy in its broadest sense. A template document is prepared for the use of authors. Authors are expected to read and follow the guidelines.

(first published in April 2004)

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March 14 - 15, 2005 Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Osaka, Japan (
Sponsored by the JSPS "Promotion of Humanities and Social Sciences" Project, and Grant-in-Aid "International Comparative Study of Modern Craft Movements", and Design History Forum.

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(first published in February 2005)

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Design Discourse is newly founded as an international journal for the study of design history and design philosophy, based on various activities of Design History Forum, a group of artists, designers, historians, philosophers, museum curators, graduate students etc, since 1998. Though an international journal,Design Discourse is not monolingual but bilingual or even multilingual, multivalent rather than univalent, and intercultural rather than mono-cultural. Each culture has its own history and philosophy of design. International members of Design History Forum should show and know them each other.

Design Discourse is an international "network" journal. In this case, the meaning of "network" is threefold. Firstly, it utilizes computer network; secondly it is a combination of an online journal and a printed journal or yearbook; and thirdly it is based on a multilingual network of Design History Forum. Papers submitted to Design History Forum in English will appear after screening in the online journal,Design Discourse. At the end of each year, and in each culture, several papers locally/nationally selected from the online journal will be printed in a national language or languages in each culture's Design Discourse Yearbook, and distributed among its local/national subscribers. By operating this multilingual system, we try to "heighten" our international dialogue, and at the same time, to "deepen" local/national dialogue or even monologue in design history and design philosophy.

(first published in April 2004)

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Design History Forum started an international journal for design history and design philosophy,Design Discourse. It is a network publication system combining English online journal Design Discourse and Design Discourse Yearbook, to be published each year, in each language, and in each country or culture, where we find enough number of friends or subscribers who share our view of design; "every culture has its own history and philosophy of design."
(first published in April 2004)

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