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No.2 October 2009
Robert Morrison's Influence on Translation, Printing, and Publishing in Asia

Hyun-Guk Ryu
Tsukuba University of Technology
[Keywords] Robert Morrison, Bible, Translation, Printing, Publishing, China, Korean language

This study examines the influence on translation, printing and publishing in Asia of a mission press established by the Protestant missionary Robert Morrison, by reexamining precedent studies of the history of type printing in Asia. Morrison initially translated the Old and New Testaments into Chinese before compiling the 4,595-page Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in Three Parts. This dictionary subsequently served as the base for publications of multilingual dictionaries in Japan and Korea.
Morrison also participated in the printing business, actively publishing evangelical works. In addition, he published and disseminated the Old and New Testaments in Hangul, the Wenli Bible, which became the base for Korean Bible translations. The new finding of this research is that both direct and indirect influences, including Robert Morrison's research and introduction to Hangul, followed by Hangul Bible translations by Karl F. A. Gützlaff and John Ross, helped new cultures to blossom in Korea.

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