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Design History Forum is a group of artists, designers, historians, philosophers, museum curators, graduate students etc, founded in Japan in 1998. Since then, it organized a series of the IDHF (International Design History Forum) in Osaka. The first IDHF was held in March 1999. Its main theme was "the Arts of Life in Modern Japan." The second IDHF was held in March 2000. Its theme was "Anglo-Japanese Design History." These two forums were sponsored by the Suntory Cultural Foundation. The third IDHF was held in March 2003 with its theme of "Images and Letters," and it was sponsored by Osaka University 21st century COE (Center of Excellence) program "Interface Humanities."

Though its office is located at Osaka University since 1998, Design History Forum is open to anybody who is interested in design in its broadest sense, particularly in its history and philosophy. Design History Forum, now starting an international journal Design Discourse and planning to hold the fourth IDHF in another area of Japan, is trying to be "glocal," local as well as global or international. While we do not insist on Osaka or Japan, we appreciate every local culture and design as well as international design culture. Everybody can share Design Discourse and, if you wish, Design History Forum as well. Design History Forum published its first book, A History of Japanese & Western Design: exchange and influence, in 2001. The second book is going to be published in 2004 as The Arts and Crafts Movement and Japan. To join us, write to our information office. We are pleased to send you an application form and useful information for those who live outside Japan.
Design History Forum
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