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Guidelines for Submission of Papers

Paper Template File
Please download this template file(Microsoft Word Format).

Design Discourse welcomes contributions from scholars and graduate students of all nationalities and from those working in other disciplines, such as cultural, environmental, and media studies or history of science and technology, whose subjects of study overlap with those of design history and design philosophy. All those who submit papers for consideration for publication in Design Discourse must be in principle members of Design History Forum. As for some exceptions, write to the office (

Format and Length:
Format for Design Discourse papers is explained in the specially made template on our website. The maximums for an English paper are as follows: 5 keywords, 300 words for abstract, 6,000 words for body, 60 words for author's biography, and 15 images. Papers are only accepted by E-mail to the editor:

Review Process:
Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Editorial Office. The Editorial Office may ask members of the Advisory Board for their opinions.

The authors of Design Discourse papers are requested to permit the publication of his/her papers including illustrations, if selected, in any Design Discourse Yearbook of any country or culture, and also expected to cooperate with their translators, if necessary. Through mediation of this kind of international cooperation, we try to promote mutual understanding of various design cultures.

Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission for the reproduction of all illustrations or other materials.

Quotations and Endnotes:
Quotations from non-English languages should be translated into English in the text; their original, if in Latin alphabets, may appear in endnotes.

Design Discourse Yearbook:
At the end of each year, and in each culture, several papers selected from Design Discourse will be printed in each culture's Design Discourse Yearbook, and distributed among its subscribers.
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