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Design Discourse Yearbook will be annually published in each country or culture where it is realized, and in its own language. In Japan, its first volume is going to be published as Design Discourse Japan 2004 in winter 2004/2005 in Japanese or Japanese/English. Since Design Discourse Japan is issued as an annual collection of Design Discourse papers selected by the members of Design History Forum, those who would like to subscribe Design Discourse Japan have to join Design History Forum. To join us, send your name and mailing address to:
Design History Forum
Department of Art Studies
Osaka University Graduate School of Letters
Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan 560-8532
FAX: +81-6-6850-5121

For those who interested in the Design Discourse and/or Design History Forum, but do not speak/read Japanese, Design Discourse Japan may not be very useful. Therefore, we would like to suggest that they wait until more appropriate Design Discourse Yearbook are started to publish. There is some possibility of founding Design Discourse Korea and Design Discourse Turkey.
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